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I remember when my dad’s twin brother came into my room while my dad was working.It was so weird for me at that time…I was like”Dad?” and mom kept insisting it was his brother David not my dad,I just couldn’t understand it at that time. 

I laughed way too hard…

So lately I’ve been interested in molecular gastronomy.Maybe because of that movie “the chef” I’ve heard about.I mean seriously…octopus lollipops?(made by Adam Melonas if you want to know) beet foam?( for recipe) I’m sure I would try to cook something like that if only molecular gastronomy wasn’t so damn expensive!

I’m a big fan of Scott Pilgrim,so sex bob-omb is practically one of my favorite (fictional) bands.Me gusta 

So as first i wanted to show you a very special bag…chocolate bag!Made by Janusz Profus(Polish)is made of E.Wedel chocolate.From what I heard he also made chocolate shoes-comfy.Actually I must admit that the project is well made.For details you can go to this address: -but I must warn you- it’s in Polish(google translate might help if you really want to read more…)